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The results of the research can radically affect the future and current marketing strategy of the business. Advertising agency PUSH-K Solutions operates in the market of marketing research agencies, so marketing research has always been for us must-have material with which all major advertising projects are taking place. In practice, in each specific situation, we discuss with the client which of the methods of obtaining data is most rational in terms of reliability, time and price:

1. INTERNAL CLIENT`S STATISTICS The broader its own trading structure, the more detailed information can be obtained. Using such data, we are guided by strict rules of confidentiality, and in addition we do not work in parallel with competing companies.
2. EXISTING RESEARCH PURCHASE This can be a good cheap solution, when the data is needed promptly and the necessary question has already been researched not long time ago. We know this market. We often found the necessary research and gave contacts to the client or purchased by ourselves.
3. DATA FROM MARKETING PROJECTS Conducting an advertising campaign in WEB or offline, we always collect useful information for marketing. Moreover, in some projects, the survey element is initially laid.
4. RESEARCH AS A SEPARATE PROJECT We conduct independently specific types of research, providing our clients with exclusive data from primary sources. These research, where the actual experience and resources of the agency are applicable for obtaining data from both the WEB and Offline sources.

As Marketing research agency we specialize in such project types:

1. Offline. Tests of FMCG products (hall test, home test)
2. Offline. Audit of retail (quantitative research)
3. Offline. Audit of personnel work quality (mystery shopper/auditor)
4. Offline-WEB. Collection of data about competitors (trade offers, media activity, positioning, strategy)
5. WEB. Analysis of the competitive Internet environment (definition of competitors, traffic sources of their sites, search requests)
6. WEB. Polls at social networks, sites, media


1. TESTS OF FMCG PRODUCTS (hall test, home test)

The understanding of consumer preferences makes it possible to create more popular products. All FMCG manufacturers pay great attention to the quality of their products, but not always positive results of laboratory research and focus groups guarantee that the consumer’s choice will be in favor of the product.

To determine customer preferences, depending on the type of products, our marketing research agency uses two types of testing: Hall test and Home test. In the framework of both tests, the target audience of the product receives product samples, each participant of the test gives ratings to the tested products according to the questionnaire. Test products are free from any brand identification. As a result, the client receives clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the product. Testing products is very popular at large retailers who want to be sure that the products introduced into the assortment of private label products will appeal to the consumer. The manufacturers of FMCG also resort to product testing, because when launching new product, the stakes are too high.

1. Home-testtesting products at home.
Participants of the test use products at home. This test method is applicable for household chemical products and for non-perishable products.
2. Hall-testtesting food at auditorium.
The participants of the test work in the auditorium and test the products. The moderator with the assistants is responsible for ensuring compliance with the testing rules.

Testing products is a specific type of marketing research, in which it is necessary to take into account many factors in order to obtain a true result. We have a lot of experience of holding Hall and Home tests.


2. AUDIT OF RETAIL (quantitative research)

Who! Where? What? How? How much? These questions are answered by quantitative research of retail trade. When making global business decisions, there is a need for fresh, objective information from the fields.

All public data from retail outlets can be fixed by the auditor. The audit results are structured and submitted to you in a previously agreed format. PUSH-K Solutions marketing research agency has the necessary experience and resources to conduct this type of research: during more than ten years of work in offline advertising, we conducted dozens of national retail audits, formed an effective network of regional representatives and experienced analysts work in our team. We can get any information in a short terms.


3. AUDIT OF PERSONNEL WORK QUALITY (mystery shopper/auditor)

People are generally good, but sometimes it happens that far from the central office some employees does not perform, does not understand or just ignore internal corporate instructions. It is not always possible to monitor personnel, especially when it comes to businesses with a branched national network of sales outlets or representative offices. In such cases, marketing research agencies that have a network of regional representatives and have mastered the technologies of Mystery Shopper projects are very useful – PUSH-K Solutions among such agencies.

How does mystery shopper/auditor work? The representative of the agency comes to the store (as an example we take retail). He is like the most ordinary consumer (age, type, manner of behavior) and acts as such ordinary consumer. The seller interacts with him, and all his actions are recorded and evaluated against the algorithm indicated by the current corporate instruction (ask for the store card, check the need for the package, propose the participation in the current loyalty program). By the result of such mystery shopper visit, a report is generated (online) and the client understands how correctly the current corporate instruction was executed in a particular store. Based on the results of hundreds of such visits in different cities, it becomes clear where special attention and measures are needed in regard to personnel. The model is applicable to many businesses beginning from bank branches to stores at gas stations.


(trade offers, media activity, positioning, strategy)

All publicly available information about the work of competitors will be collected and structured. All data, starting with the prices, assortment and SKU quantity/names of specific trading networks shelves and ending with the structure of contacts of competing organization CEO (of course, if his profile is public), can be collected, analyzed and submitted to you along with an analytical note according to the research objectives. The marketing research agency can always quickly collect, process and analyze commercial information for its client.

We do not sell any insider information, but what has once been publicized will be recorded and analyzed.


(definition of competitors, traffic sources of their sites, search requests)

The agency uses its own techniques and licensed programs for the analysis of sites and search traffic so we have opportunity to collect accurate data from the WEB. In addition to these opportunities, we have a deep understanding of marketing, therefore the collected data from the Internet is analyzed and serves as good basis for analytic notes.

1. who sells similar goods, services
2. the volume of search queries in search engines and their structure
3. sites traffic and traffic sources
4. comparison of your business and competitors in the context of WEB
5. estimate of the cost and timing for entering the TOP-5 search results for your site
6. definition of the expert community, opinion leaders and media of your market
7. identification of potential partners

Only marketing research agency, which specializes in search promotion and advertising in WEB, can provide clients with correct data and useful analytic. PUSH-K Solutions successfully works with Internet advertising and search promotion continuously since 2011 and every our advertising campaign always starts with analytic. Our experience and opportunities can be useful for your business.



What do people think? What do they like and what causes rejection? What is actual for your customers now? What innovative solutions have the potential to blow up the market and become your driver? Answers to these and many other questions can make products and services more successful by pushing to the right business decisions. These answers can be obtained by conducting a survey on the Internet. Understanding the survey objectives  PUSH-K Solutions marketing research agency will develop a poll methodology, prepare a platform for it (social network application, questionnaire web page or integration poll into your website or a popular media portal).

As a marketing research agency, we have the necessary skills for polls conducting and our own WEB development department allows us to embody the visual and technical aspects of any Online poll. We are at your service.



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